What’s a Puttyhead?

  1. Someone crazy for Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
  2. Someone who uses putty as a fidget toy
  3. Someone who’s mind is as elastic as putty
  4. Someone who cares about their health

All of the above!

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty and other fidget toys are popular right now. I’m not sure what forces have come together to legitimatize fidgeting as a thing. It could be recent research (like this research, or this research, and this research) showing that fidgeting can help counteract the negative effects of sitting so much and can actually help people think.

It could be the observation that trying to get active kids to stop fidgeting is a Sisyphean task — that is, an unproductive and unending task.

It could be we’re all feeling it — the lethargy that sets in from sitting…too…long in one place.

In any event, “fidgeting” is going (or has already gone) mainstream, and there are a delightful array of putties, gadgets, and toys that will help keep us moving and focused. Find some of those, and more, at Ruckus & Glee!

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